Membership and subgroups

  • The Independent Chair, appointed for three years;
  • Three independent (lay) members, appointed for 5 years;
  • The CEOs of 
    • Department of Education, Sports and Culture;
    • Department of Justice and Home Affairs;
    • Department of Health and Social Care;
  • The Chief Constable;
  • The Director of Public Health;

*Please note the membership of the Board is currently under review

The work of the Board is supported by several subgroups (see governance structure):

  • The Action and Implementation Panel (Statutory)
  • The Serious Case Management Review Panel (Statutory)
  • The Adult Quality, Training and Development Group
  • The Children's Quality, Training and Development Group
  • The Communication and Engagement Group.

The Board also sets up relevant task and finish subgroups to ensure the delivery of key pieces of work as outlined in the Board Business Plan:

The following task and finish groups are currently operating:

  • Adult Policies and Procedures
  • Children's Policies and Procedures
  • Vulnerable Adolescents

Each subgroup has a terms of reference that is regularly updated. In addition each group must produce a work-plan that details how the group will deliver the Board’s agreed business priorities. Regular update reports are prepared by the chairs of the subgroups focusing on impact of the work and these are presented to the Board for assurance purposes.

The expectations of subgroup members and chairs are outlined in the Role Descriptor for Subgroup Chairs and the Role Descriptor for Subgroup Members