Information Sharing

Sharing information is an intrinsic part when working with children and young people at risk of abuse or neglect. Sharing information can make the difference in ensuring that a child or their family gets the right help at the right time and prevents the escalation of needs into abuse or neglect. The risk of sharing information is often misunderstood. All those working with children and families must understand the risks of not sharing information. However, the most important consideration is whether sharing information is likely to support the safeguarding and protection of a child at risk of abuse or neglect.

Poor information sharing or a refusal to share information due to a misunderstanding about safeguarding duties has been a feature in cases where risks have been missed, dating back to the 1970s when the review into the death of Maria Colwell occurred. Poor information sharing also featured in high profile reviews such as Victoria Climbie in 2000 and Baby P in 2007. Lessons about information sharing have also featured in Serious Case Management Reviews locally and in Domestic Homicide Reviews, Serious Case Reviews and Safeguarding Adult Reviews in the UK.

There is full practitioner guidance for Information Sharing which can be found by following this link. There is also an Isle of Man Information Sharing Protocol which shows which organisations have signed up to agree to the effective sharing of information. This can be found by clicking here.