Information for Service Users

Information for adults

Organisations have a duty to make sure that adults, who may be vulnerable to risk, are protected from abuse or harm.

What do we mean by an adult who may be vulnerable to risk?

Anybody over the age of 18 years old who may need care or support because they:

  • have a physical or sensory disability
  • have a learning disability
  • have mental health needs
  • are a frail older person
  • and/or are unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation.

What is meant by the term Abuse?

Abuse is the mistreatment of a person that violates a person’s human and civil rights. The abuse can vary, from treating someone with disrespect in a way that significantly affects the person’s quality of life, to causing actual physical or mental suffering. 

Where can abuse happen?

Abuse can happen anywhere? For example:

  • In someone's home
  • In a residential or nursing home
  • In a hospital
  • At work
  • At a day centre or college
  • In supported housing
  • In the street