Learning from other Jurisdictions

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Michael Preston-Shoot, Suzy Braye, Oli Preston, Karen Allen and Kate Spreadbury undertook the first analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews. It was commissioned by CHIP (Care and Health Improvement Programme) and co-produced and delivered by the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services in England (ADASS)

A useful briefing for practitioners can be found by clicking here.

A series of shorter targeted briefings have been developed by the LGA to make the findings more accessible. These can be found by clicking here.

National Children’s Case Review Repository

In November 2013 the NSPCC in collaboration with The Association of Independent LSCB Chairs launched the national case review repository. The repository provides a single place for published children’s case reviews to make it easier to access and share learning at a local, regional and national level.

Learning from Children’s Case Reviews

The NSPCC have put together a series of themed briefing documents highlighting the learning from published reviews. Each briefing focuses on a different topic, pulling together key risk factors and practice recommendations to help practitioners understand and act upon the learning.

Learning from case review briefings | NSPCC Learning

Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel England

In 2018 the government created an independent Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel. They commission national reviews of serious child safeguarding cases and agree and oversee Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (LCSPRs). The review panel have commissioned a number of national reviews that make interesting reading. To date they have published annual reports on their work and published three national reviews focussing on:

  • Safeguarding children at risk from sudden unexpected infant death where children are at risk of significant harm,
  • Safeguarding children under 1 year old from non-accidental injury caused by male carers
  • Safeguarding children at risk from criminal exploitation

The Myth of Invisible Men (publishing.service.gov.uk)

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel - It was hard to escape - report (publishing.service.gov.uk)