What is Domestic Abuse?

In a relationship, there are ups and downs – sometimes people say and do things to each other that are not nice. But there’s a difference between normal arguing and abusive or controlling behaviour in the home, which is called domestic abuse.

Abuse is when one person hurts, bullies or controls their girlfriend, partner or spouse – who are going out with each other, living together or married.

Usually, men are the abusers and women are the victims (the ones getting hurt), but domestic violence can happen to men as well. Sometimes another member of your family might be the abuser; it’s possible that your mum, your brother or sister, your grandparent or your foster parent might be hurting or controlling someone in your family.

Domestic abuse doesn’t always have to be physical; it can also include emotional abuse, financial abuse and sexual abuse. Many of these behaviours are crimes (against the law).

Abuse is not done by accident and is behaviour that is done on purpose to make the other person feel frightened, bad about themselves or control their actions or behaviours or actions.

If you would like to know more about Domestic Abuse you may want to look at a website called The Hideout.