Bereavement support

This information aims to assist parents, carers and their families in accessing bereavement information, resources and services when they are bereaved by the death of a child or a child is bereaved by the loss of somebody close in their lives.

Losing a child or baby

Losing a child or baby goes against the natural order that we expect life to flow and is devastating, whatever the circumstances.

Bereavement is characterised by grief can affect people in different ways and cause a range of emotions.

Several local and national organisations can support you in your grief some organisations include:

Cruse Bereavement Isle of Man

Bereavement support after the death of a baby or child - The Lullaby Trust

Child Bereavement UK

About Sands | Sands - Stillbirth and neonatal death charity

When someone dies | Childline 

Talking to your child about bereavement

Talking to children when someone close to you has died can be very difficult. You may feel numb, hurt and be grieving yourself as well as worrying about how to manage your child’s feelings. Here is a video that may be useful in offering tips to support your child’s understanding of the loss.